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I do not understand, how to download CentOS or CentOS6. We've tried to find the ISO-Images for several hours, but the whole process is extremely complicated. The CentOS website is a real catastrophe !

Can anyone provide me a download link for CentOS 6 ?

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Try the mirror list over at Pick either i386 or x86_64 depending on your needs and then pick a mirror that's close to your physical location to (usually) get the best possible download speed.

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It's not the greatest of website but I don't see how you could spend several hours and not find the public mirrors list. From there you should be able to choose a continent near you and find a relatively local mirror.

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This is a link for all iso of CentOS 6 x86_64, but here you can find the complete mirror list. Choose the nearest mirror.

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Many people (eg the heroic Iain) have pointed you to the mirror list, which is absolutely right. You need to pay attention to the column near the end, which says "Direct DVD Downloads". If that value isn't "yes", you won't find the DVD there, only the .torrent file. Pick a mirror from the list that has "yes" in that column, click on the HTTP link immediately to the right, then click through to 6, isos, the architecture of your choice, and download the DVD.iso.

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