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At the moment we are looking for a 10/100 dual (or multi)-wan router with VPN capability that would load-balance VPN traffic and would provide redundancy if one line were to fail temporarily. It would also require NAT. Firewall and Wifi are not essential. It would also allow us to configure some traffic to always use one of two existing gateways.

Can someone tell us whether such a dual (or multi) wan router exists first of all? And does anyone know of a good place to start to beef up our knowledge on the subject?


Epilogue: The following serverfault question has answers: 2 DSL lines...any benefit?

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Sorry RMNVM, shopping or recommendation or "what is the best..." type questions are considered off topic on server fault, if not the whole 'family' of sites, so this question will likely be closed. – RobM Nov 24 '11 at 13:04
Thanks Rob, I will rephrase the question. This is a serious networking question for us where we have big holes in our knowledge that we need help filling. – Rory Nov 24 '11 at 13:19
  • Yes, they do exist.
  • You find this information on the internet.

Seriously, you can find router vendors with google, and each of those has enough salesmen or a decent homepage to provide you with the information you're seeking for.

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Thanks Roman. I am familiar with google but I am having a little difficulty seeing the wood for the trees. – Rory Nov 24 '11 at 14:18

I've had success using the DrayTek Vigor 2830 as a reliable router. However, I've not used the multi-WAN functionality on it but I am aware it exists. Given the reliability it's shown for everything else I'd suggest that it's a good candidate to consider.

It does have VPN capability and I'm fairly sure, from having rooted around in it, that it allows NAT'd traffic to be configured to be routed via either of the WAN connections.

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