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I have a 10GB volume attached to my production EC2 instance (It's only 300MB full). In order to do backups, I created a snapshot of it. Then I created a volume from it, which I tried to attach to another EC2 instance. The volume's status shows "attaching" and it never gets attached. I have tried this 4 times, out of which only once it successfully got attached and I could mount it from the EC2 instance. During that one time, it didn't take more than a minute to get attached. All other times it gets stuck in the "attaching" state. I've waited for 3-4 hours, but no help. Only thing I can do then is 'Force detach'. I've been using web UI all this time and not CLI.

What might be going wrong? How can I debug this problem?

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I had a similar problem months ago. Turns out it was a problem on Amazon side. It only got solved after contacting the Amazon folks on the ec2 forum

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Ok. I found the posts you talk about on AWS EC2 forums. Don't know why they didn't show up in google searches. After reading those posts and rebooting the instance, the volume got attached on another attempt. – Jayesh Nov 26 '11 at 3:52

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