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Sorry the title, but I don't know how to name this question.

I'm on a dedicated server on ubuntu 11.04. It runs with plesk 10.3. I change the listen port of apache 80 -> 8008

When I go into my domain :, the site doesn't work. If I go on ... it doesn't work.

If I take a file like an image, or a script like :

doesn't work


Question : How can I tell " ->

With rule nat? (iptables?)


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I can't help you on how to fix it, but this is entirely expected. is simply shorthand for Why? Because, port 80 is the standard HTTP port that all browsers in the world will look at. Why would you want to change your port from that? – Dan Nov 25 '11 at 14:14
Because I need to install Varnish, an http accelerator. – Raphaël Nov 25 '11 at 14:15
Fair enough - that bit's beyond me! – Dan Nov 25 '11 at 14:33
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You need to run:

iptables -A PREROUTING -t nat -i eth0 -p tcp --dport 80 -j REDIRECT --to-port 8080

This will redirect everything on 80 to 8080

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+1 but -I may be better. – Iain Nov 25 '11 at 15:02
Thank you very much =) – Raphaël Nov 28 '11 at 14:14

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