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I want to set my server's IP as DNS and then be able to to make domains like, and also, and * point to the same server where I will be hosting these files in apache.

I installed macports, and here is my configuration file: /opt/local/etc/named.conf

    // Declares control channels to be used by the rndc utility.
    // This must be enabled on Mac OS X Server for Server Status to provide valid
    // information! (Remove the leading slashes to enable.)
    //        **** STUFF YOU MIGHT NEED TO ENABLE ****
     controls {
          unix "/var/run/ndc" perm 0600 owner 0 group 0;
          inet port 54 allow {any; };
    // It is recommended that be the only address used.
    // This also allows non-privileged users on the local host to manage
    // your name server.

    options {
            directory "/opt/local/var/named";

            // uncomment the following lines to turn on DNS forwarding,
            // and change the forwarind ip address(es) :
            //forward first;
            //forwarders {
            //      123,123.123.123;

            listen-on-v6 { none; };
            listen-on {; };

            // to allow only specific hosts to use the DNS server:
            //allow-query {

            dnssec-validation auto;
            pid-file "/opt/local/var/run/";

    // a caching only nameserver config

    zone "." IN {
            type hint;
            file "db.cache";

    zone "localhost" IN {
            type master;
            file "db.localhost";
            allow-update { none; };

    zone "" IN {
            type master;
            file "db.127.0.0";
            allow-update { none; };

So I wanna be able to make all these point to the same server where bind is installed:

How can I do this? I would also like to ask how can I get a good documentation or book about bind. The documents I found on web were either too technical or too simplistic.

Or is there an easier interface to work with bind?

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As for bind guides - there's excellent (and free) DNS for Rocket Scientists: and Oreilly's DNS and BIND is great. – Sandman4 Nov 26 '11 at 16:13
That book is pretty hardcore, not suitable for someone who doesn't wanna be a dns Einstein, but only wants to make the thing work once and for all, It seems to be the most popular book on bind though, many thanks for sharing – user893730 Nov 26 '11 at 22:28
Oreilly's first chapters are quite simple how-to with an example of config file and zone. Should be enough to start with. I think there's some GUI for bind, maybe it doesn't work on mac. And doesn't macos have it's own DNS server ? – Sandman4 Nov 27 '11 at 7:16
Btw, if you want it easy, why not to use some hosted DNS service ? like - should be easier and more reliable. – Sandman4 Nov 27 '11 at 7:18
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You need to edit you named.conf to add a zone like:

zone "" IN {
    type master;
    file "";
    allow-update { none; };

Then create a zone file in /opt/local/var/named named That file should look like:

$TTL 21600 
@                      3600 SOA   <your ns A record>. (
                        ; address of responsible party
                              2011072601                          ; serial number
                              3600                       ; refresh period
                              600                        ; retry period
                              604800                     ; expire time
                              60                       ) ; minimum ttl
                                NS    <YOUR_NS_A_RECORD>.

                                A     <YOUR_IP>
*               IN      A     <YOUR_IP>

Wildcarding it is you best options since you then don't have to worry about it again.

I highly recommend getting a copy of DNS and BIND

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Thank you Zypher, can you tell me how I can find my ns A record? – user893730 Nov 26 '11 at 4:34
You need to set it in your zone file - if everything is under <YOUR_IP> then the * will cover you (however you should really manually specify it as nsX IN NS <IP> – Zypher Nov 26 '11 at 5:45

This is what worked for me in the zone file, I used what Zypher suggested in named.conf

$TTL 10800 IN SOA (
    2011071800  ;Serial
    86400       ;Refresh
    3600        ;Retry
    604800      ;Expire
    345600      ;Negative caching TTL
www IN  CNAME 
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