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I'm trying to setup Fax Server on Server 2008 R2. The role installs fine. However from Windows Fax and Scan -> Tools -> Fax Accounts... I am unable to setup an account. I get the following error.

"There was an error in configuring the account. Please contact your administrator."

I've tried a number of things including removing the Fax Server role and reinstalling. No change. Removing registry keys specified in other forums. No change.

In my attempts today I at one point did have the fax printer installed but removed it while I was trying to get x64 and x32 drivers installed. Now I can't get it back.

Any ideas?

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What does it say in the event logs? If it errors out, it should drop something there. Edit your question with the log specifics, if any. – Holocryptic Nov 28 '11 at 19:08

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