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I have admin access to the computer.

What I want to do is change a users wallpaper to something else but without logging in as the user. There must be a config file or something where these settings are kept for the user.

I'm assuming it's in /Documents and Settings/UserName but I haven't found the file.

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The per-user wallpaper setting is stored, in the registry, as a REG_SZ value named Wallpaper, under the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop.

If the user is logged in, or their hive is otherwise mounted, you would find the key under HKEY_USERS\User's SID. If the user is not logged in, you would need to mount their hive under HKEY_USERS first. User hives are found in the user's profile, %USERPROFILE%, typically under "C:\Documents and Settings\username\" (Windows XP) or C:\Users\username\ (Windows 7) and are named "NTUSER.DAT".

Alternatively, you could use Group Policy to enforce a specific wallpaper.

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