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I've deployed Radius and have no problems connecting with TTLS, PEAP, or MD5 using linux, mac, and windows xp. For Windows 7 and Vista, I'm never prompted with the dialog box to enter username & password after configuring 802.1x support on the client.

Steps taken:

  1. Enabled Wired Autoconfig in services.msc
  2. Set to use PEAP
  3. Set to require user authentication

When I enable the network connection it says "Trying to authenticate" then fails with no error log / message given. The radius server gives no indication that there was ever a request (no Access-Reject - the client simply never tries to authenticate).

On the windows 7 client, I can see that the DHCP server does not assign an IP to the client when 802.1x is enabled on the client (though it does when it isn't).

How can I debug this further? Has anyone else run into a similar situation?

My radius server is freeradius on Ubuntu 11.10.

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