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I am having issues with the limit size of my memcached:

enter image description here

How do I increase the limit_maxbytes? as the bytes_written is more than the limit_maxbytes?

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limit_maxbytes is the max memory to use for items. You're using the default value - 64MB. To change this, restart the memcached and specify a value in megabytes for -m option, something like this:

memcached -d -u memcached -l <your_IP> -c 2048 -t 8 -m 1024 -p 11215
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bytes_written is actually the total bytes sent out from the cache in response to hits - not the total of memory used. Total memory used is closer to bytes - which, in this case, is actually less than the 64mb originally allocated. (not disputing the need to allocate more memory - just clarifying OPs misunderstanding of bytes_written.

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