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I am trying to renew a certificate using CertManager on Windows 2003 Server. (I have also used the certificate plug-in in MMC but its the same thing.) I am logged in with the Administrator account.

When I select any of my Personal certificates and go to the All-Tasks menu I only see Open and Export. I do not see the "Renew Certificate with New Key" or "Renew this certificate with the same key" options.

How do I get those options to show up? Is there some security policy or service that I need to run?

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I was able to find the Request/Renew certificate options by clicking on the Personal folder and doing Find Certificates. When I right click on the Expiring Certificate and select Renew I get the following error: The wizard cannot be started because it failed to contact the Active Directory. – VicF Dec 5 '11 at 20:11

You need to add some certification.

  • Is this an enterprise or standalone CA?
  • What type of certificate are you using?

Did you try to use the web interface? Perhaps that would do it for you: http://ServerName/certsrv

You may also take a look here for a reference:

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I believe it is an Enterprise CA. – VicF Dec 5 '11 at 20:47

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