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I've read the documentation over but I cannot figure out how to include a defined resource. I've tired:

include User::Admin['beamin']

I get:

err: Could not retrieve catalog from remote server: Error 400 on SERVER: undefined method `downcase' for User::Admin[beamin]{:name=>"beamin"}:Puppet::Resource at /etc/puppet/modules/team/manifests/uni.pp:3 on node u1x2.example.com

How am I suppose to do this?

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An answer from a Puppet Users Google group member:

Defined resources aren't included. They are declared, just like other resources. You might do this:

notify { "woo!": }

And if you define a resource called "foo", then you can also do this:

foo { "woo!": }

Reading through the serverless puppet guide (also at docs.puppetlabs.com) might be a better introduction than the language guide.

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