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Files on server is deleted from my windows hosting server (Dedicated Hosting Server

I deleted files using cuteFTP.Can i recover files by logging in to my dedicated server remotely.

Does files deleted from FTP gets deleted completely.I tried to check recycle bin on server files are not there.

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First make sure the disk get's no longer written to. Then ask your provider first and as soon as possible before trying anything by yourself. Quite surely they have a backup in place (depends on the exact kind of server), and better ask early enough before the files in question get rotated out. – Roman Nov 30 '11 at 16:19
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Without backups, chances are slim that you can recover the file.

The only thing you can try is looking at a program that can undelete files from NTFS drives, most of which are pay-for, and hope nothing else has overwritten the sectors on which your file was saved in the first place. This can get even more..."interesting"...if this was a VM system.

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Right click the deleted file in your Queue Window, select Properties, copy the Temp Folder path and there you'll find your file.

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Short of running a data recovery application, your files are gone. You can always try something like recuva, but there's no guarantee that you'll get anything.

The only guaranteed way to get your files back would be to restore them. Take this as a lesson of why backups are extremely important.

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Try the options offered by MarkM and Bart. Failing that, ask your provider if they have a backup and would be willing to restore the file for you (expect to pay for this: It typically requires an actual person to do work for you).

Also take this important lesson to heart and make backups of any data you don't want to lose.

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