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Right now i have 1 exchange hosting all roles in 1 AD site (A) and 1 subnet ( I'm going to create a second (B) and third (C) AD site to reflect our physical architecture. So i'll also adding the new subnets and link them to the correct AD site (10.100.x.x/16 for C and 10.10.x.x/16 for B). I will not add any other exchange server. Each will have 2 DC.

i did it 2 days ago and propagate the changes to all DC and exchange started to go wonky (owa not working, outlook not connecting, try to reboot OWA authentication service without success so i restarted exchange server). THen i removed all changes, propagate to all DC and everything came back.

Did the sites changes have anything related to that exchange issue or is it a simple coincidence?

I've read some stuff on exchange 2010 and AD site but didn't find anything that could have made exchange going wonky.

Any thoughts?

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