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Is it possible to get mysqldump to output USE statements for a single (partial) table dump?

I've already got some scripts that I'd like to reuse which run mysqldump with some arguments and apply them to a remote server.

However, since I haven't bothered to parse all the arguments to mysqldump, and there is no USE in the dump, the remote server is saying no database selected.

I'm a programmer more than anything else, so I can easily use sed to modify the dump before applying it in the worst case, but those scripts won't allow me to do this as I don't have access to the dump between creation and application.

EDIT: the ability to output fully qualified table names may also solve my problem

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mysqldump can be cajoled into performing as requested by combining the --databases (force USE statements on databases) and --tables (force following arguments to be evaluated as tables) flags:

mysqldump -B dbname --tables tablename

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