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I found there's a redirect output modifier of Cisco IOS ( version 12.2(53)SE1 ), and there's http: URI support:

#sh version | redirect ?
  flash:  Uniform Resource Locator
  ftp:    Uniform Resource Locator
  http:   Uniform Resource Locator
  https:  Uniform Resource Locator
  nvram:  Uniform Resource Locator
  rcp:    Uniform Resource Locator
  scp:    Uniform Resource Locator
  tftp:   Uniform Resource Locator

However, I cannot find any document on about the http support. I tried sh version | redirect http://my_server/ and cannot find any information on my_server's access log.

Can anyone give me a hint?

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You need to put the full path and file name. Try something like this:

MainRouter# show tech | redirect 
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