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It is always suggested on first step to disable the remote root login for the SSH protocol. I have a low-right user able to connect via SSH and once connected, I simply su in order to gain more rights.

Now when using a sFTP client, I use my low-right user and am thus able to do next to nothing.

My question is : Is it possible to change user after login using 3rd party client, such as Transmit, Cyberduck, Filezilla ?

PS : Mac clients would be great ;)

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No, it is not possible to elevate your privileges within sftp.

Ideally you should fix the filesystem permission so that don't need root privileges to download/upload whatever you are working on.

If changing permissions isn't an option, then there is a compromise between disabling root logins, and logins with a password. You could set PermitRootLogin without-password and then simply use key-based authentication.

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Interesting solution to use keys + password. Hadn't tought of that. Thanks – Zenklys Dec 1 '11 at 9:10

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