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I have a strange email issue, but I'm not sure what the issues is.

My domain is registered with easily.co.uk and the details are as follows

englishgroup.co.uk      A
*.englishgroup.co.uk    A
englishgroup.co.uk      MX  easymx2.easily.co.uk. (Priority 10)
englishgroup.co.uk      MX  rhea.easily.co.uk. (Priority 10)

When i send an email to one of the mail accounts, i get a 550 error mail not hosted here. This makes sense as my server (running plesk) is hosting the email.

If i head into plesk and look under DNS management i get these

Host                            Record type    Value
*.webmail.englishgroup.co.uk.   CNAME          englishgroup.co.uk. / 24              PTR            englishgroup.co.uk.
englishgroup.co.uk.             NS             ns.englishgroup.co.uk.
englishgroup.co.uk.             A    
englishgroup.co.uk.             MX (10)        mail.englishgroup.co.uk.
ftp.englishgroup.co.uk.         CNAME          englishgroup.co.uk.
mail.englishgroup.co.uk.        A    
ns.englishgroup.co.uk.          A    
webmail.englishgroup.co.uk.     A    
www.englishgroup.co.uk.        CNAME           englishgroup.co.uk.

Do I need any other DNS records in easily to get this working? The strage thing about this is that I have a domain setup in the exactly same way, but that domain works. Every DNS record are the same, but this domain doesn't work, but the other does.

any ideas?

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Get rid of the MX records and put englishgroup.co.uk as the only MX record.

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