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I have limited sftp users to their home directory using this answer

It all seems to be working fine. I only have 1 query though.

When I ever issue an 'ls' command, there appears to be an additional cygwindrive directory. For example I might get a result like this:

sftp> ls
cygdrive  five      six

Can anyone explain why I might get this?



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/cygdrive is the standard prefix where Cygwin puts Windows directories, e.g. /cygdrive/C. I hadn't seen this before, but it seems that even in a chroot environment, Cygwin wants it to be there. You can see /cygdrive in /etc/fstab.

This behavior seems to me like a bug in chroot. I suggest reporting it to the Cygwin mailing list, Be sure to follow the problem reporting guidelines.

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