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We have a Windows server 2008 R2 with two network cards running AD, DHCP, DNS and Hyper-V

The first nic is setup with a static IP address and DHCP, WDS, and DNS are bound to it.

The second nic is configured in Hyper-V to be only used by Hyper-V and has been automatically configured so that only the virtual switch is enabled on the adapter.

DHCP and DNS work fine for all physical machines on the network. It also works for Virtual Machines running on another physical box.

Virtual machines that are bound to the virtual switch network adapter are unable to get a IP address. If the virtual machine is given a static IP address with correct subnet, gateway and dns everything works.

Has anyone else got this working?

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I would give the second NIC a static IP too

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Even though the other hyper-v server is configured this way? What will the static IP do for me if the adapter is just a bridge? – Bronumski Dec 2 '11 at 14:34
I would rather have a static IP address for the management network card and a static address for the virtual network card. I can easily configure this on a bare metal install and I am not reliant on DHCP and DNS to be working to get connected. – GTslot Dec 6 '11 at 11:57

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