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I have seen some people include this wait type in their list of safe-to-ignore wait types, and they reference this blog as the source:


But that blog doesn't say it is safe to ignore, it just says that is requires more research. I am working in a system that uses FTS extensively, so I am thinking this is a big issue with the overall slowness, but not sure.

Here is a ticket that says it is fixed and will be in the next version of BOL, but it isn't there yet. You would think someone could just say what it is:


Here are the top 5 waits I am seeing in the system:

Wait_type   wait_time_s pct running_pct signal_pct
FT_IFTSHC_MUTEX 126444.05   41.51   41.51   0.00
CXPACKET    47485.90    15.59   57.10   2.75
PAGEIOLATCH_SH  40947.25    13.44   70.54   0.20
TRACEWRITE  23805.03    7.82    78.36   0.91
BACKUPBUFFER    20058.78    6.59    84.94   2.66

Does anyone have a definitive answer on if I can ignore it, and if so, why?

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Do you see running tasks waiting on it? Unless you can identify tasks actually affected by it, it's probably safe to ignore. You should concentrate on the current waits rather than total waits. –  Robert L Davis Jul 12 '12 at 18:42
@Robert OK, I will ignore it. Thanks. –  Quesi Jul 24 '12 at 16:32

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