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I want to be able to create a PDF or an image of a MySQL database. It should have one box per table and each box should list all the columns in the table. I don't need lines going between various forgein keys or show info on default types or even the type of the column.

Is there such an open source programme to do this?

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You may try MySQL Workbench to create a diagram by importing the sql create statements of your database.

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It's not open-source and not free (license is 99 USD):


dbdesc is a powerful tool to help you document your databases. It can produce detailed documents describing your databases.


Now dbdesc includes a built-in report engine and report viewer to easily browse database documentation. This report can be exported to PDF.

Here is a table containing all features for the different database platforms.

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You don't say just how much detail you want but have you considered using the MySQL "show tables;" command? You can use it to create a chart of the fields but it doesn't tell you anything other than the field name.

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Looks like there is no one good way to do this

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