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I use shorewall to configure my firewall. Is there anyway to track torrent traffic using shorewall accounting?

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Track it how? Do you want to see what people are downloading? Do you just want to see if people are using torrents? Do you want to monitor a tracker that you are running? – Zoredache Dec 2 '11 at 8:01

You can force the packets for your torrent traffic to the logs by enacting a LOG rule on it, just before the ACCEPT rule for it. For example, if your torrent traffic is on port 5555 you could write:

#ACTION         SOURCE          DEST            PROTO   DEST    SOURCE
#                                                       PORT

LOG             out-zone        in-zone         tcp     5555
ACCEPT          out-zone        in-zone         tcp     5555

These packets will be logged to your /var/log/messages by default. Then you can use an analysis tool to visualize this data. I have not used it myself, but after some cursory research the IPTables log analyzer seems to be a solution.

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