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The problem: We have several mailboxes that are used by multiple people, checked, responded, forwarded etc... One of the requirements of these mailboxes is that users can mark a mail as read, or flagged with a color etc...

Is there anyway to implement this using distribution groups or something similar? Creating a mailbox and adding it to every outlook account is causing fairly large administrative overhead, but as the users need to be able to see which mails have been responded to, or what action is to be taken (based on color, folder etc...) we have had to implement it via opening the mailbox on the users accounts.

Has anyone found a good solution to this? Commercial products are a possibility, though it preferably should be integrated into outlook.

Sorry if this is written somewhat confusingly, I haven't had much coffee this morning.

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I had a similar problem once. The solution was to create generic (resource) mailboxes on the exchange server. this allowed my users to manage and collaborate with the shared mail. The users can even configure outlook themselves to use the generic mailbox - simple as file -> open

Shared mailbox

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