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I have an OpenSolaris system and some korn shell scripts that have a #!/bin/pfksh at the top. However, I don't have pfksh in either /bin/ or /usr/bin directories.

How should I go about installing pfksh on my system? When I tried to copy the file, I get a "Invalid argument" error message. I couldn't find the exact name of the package in OpenSolaris to install pfksh.

pkg install pfksh pkg install SUNWpfksh

don't work.

I tried copying the pfksh file from another machine, but it gives me

How should I go about it?

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As described here you should download the ksh93 package, once you have it you will need to create a hardlink for pfksh

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pfksh is a Solaris profile shell (see manual pages for pfexe(1) and rbac(5) for more information) and it is a link to /usr/bin/sh which is delivered in the SUNWcs package, but on OpenSolaris where it seems to have been forgotten.

If you just do the following, it will work

cd /usr/bin
ln -s ksh pfksh
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