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Title says most of it. I have a VM running windows server 2k3. When I set it up, I didn't install IIS. Now I need it, and the installation ISO I installed from is on another machine that I don't currently have access to. I know the installation is traditionally done by using add/remove windows components (msdn), which are prompting me for the cd. Any ideas of how to get around this? Is the a standalone installer anywhere?

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There is no standalone installer - you will need the files from the installation CD. As GateKiller pointed out, they can be on the network or a drive, but without the Installation CD, you have a problem.

My only suggestion: Try the Trial Version ISO, but that is at your own risk:

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And when you are prompted for the file location you can point to the equivalent file on another server that already has IIS on it

\\myotherserver\c$\windows\system32\ and so on

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While using add/remove windows components, the dialog should ask you the location of the files which you could enter a location on the local disk or network location.

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