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I would like to setup postfix to catch all emails from both: domain.tld & [randomsubdomain].domain.tld.

/((\w[\w\-]*)\.)+domain\.tld/ OK 

This rule works very good, but unfortunately it's catching only mails for [randomsubdomain].domain.tld. Any mail to domain.tld is blocked with below error:

NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from mail-xx[209.xx]: 554 5.7.1 <test@domain.tld>: Relay access denied;


/((\w[\w\-]*)\.)+domain\.tld/ OK


virtual_mailbox_domains = pcre:/home/admin/postfix/virtual_domains
virtual_alias_maps      = pcre:/home/admin/postfix/virtual_aliases


/@((\w[\w\-]*)\.)+domain\.tld/ mailuser

Any ideas how can I solve it ?

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Sure. Just do this:


/((\w[\w\-]*)\.)+domain\.tld/ OK
/^domain\.tld/ OK

and /home/admin/postfix/virtual_aliases:

/@((\w[\w\-]*)\.)+domain\.tld/ mailuser
/@domain\.tld/ mailuser

Was an easy one, wasn't it? If you want it more complicated you could rework the second lines into the first one, but then it looks more ugly.

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