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I have a much better router now, Cisco e4200 but I still have to use the Huawei b520 router because the internet connection is using ADLS.

I want to configure b520 to act in a bridge mode and be transparent because I want to be able to access the Cisco e4200 from outside.

How do I configure this? - I don't need exact guide, I can read the manuals but ADSL is not in my area of knowledge.

So far I assumed that I need to set the Cisco to connect using PPPoE to the b520 but it will not connect.

In fact, I could redirect all the ports from b520 to the Cisco router but in this case the DynDNS feature of the Cisco is not going to work because it will have a private IP.

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It's either in the manual or it doesn't work. – mailq Dec 3 '11 at 0:33
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From the manual (read the referenced parts on your own!):

Configuring the Bridge Mode

To configure the Bridge mode for the WAN interface, do as follows:

  1. Repeat from the step1 to the step 7 of 4.1.1 "Configuring the PPPoA Mode."
  2. On the Connection Type page, select bridge. Keep other settings by the Internet Service Provider.
  3. Click Next to show the "Unselect the check box below to disable this WAN service" page, keep the default settings. Make sure choose Data in the Service Name drop-down list box.
  4. Click Next to show the "WAN Setup-Summary" page, click Save to save the settings.

Note: Click Back to make any modifications. Reboot the terminal so that the settings take effect.

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