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I can't seem to install my SSL in IIS7 because when I do it appears in the Server Certificates list but then if I navigate away from that page or refresh it then it disappears?

I don't know if it has anything to do with my recent re-installation of the OS on the Server. Do I need to request and new crt file from my CA and run through the CSR process again or can I use the crt file I backed up before the re-install?

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You need both the public certificate and the private key that matches the certificate. You may be able to recover the private key using the steps outlined on this page.

If you've lost the private key, the public certificate is worthless; your certificate provider may allow you to reissue the certificate for free. You'll need to generate a new CSR (which will also generate a corresponding private key) in order to have the key reissued.

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