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On OpenBSD, is it possible to request multiple IP-addresses via DHCP on a single physical interface? It looks like DHCP leased addresses can't be assigned as aliases. I though of creating a virtual interface and forward traffic to the physical interface, then run dhclient on the virtual interface (it doesn't matter if the second address is assigned to a virtual interface and not as an alias to the physical interface). Unfortunately I wasn't able to get it to work like that.

Any suggestions? How would you do it?

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This might help: – tomeduarte Dec 3 '11 at 23:32
Thanks, I tried the idea with the bridge and two vether interfaces, however it didn't work. I added these virtual interface to set skip in pf.conf, is there something more I'd need to consider? – watain Dec 4 '11 at 9:15
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DHCP requests are tied to MAC addresses, so normally a single interface can only request a single IP. I would see if you could get OpenBSD to create two subinterfaces each with their own MAC addresses and DHCP requests. Other option is to create a VLAN trunk so you can request a DHCP address in separate VLANs.

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