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I am accessing a dedicated server using SerCon as I could not connect to the system now. I, however, managed to get into SAC

When I checked the ip using SAC > i, it showed me where it should ideally be
I need to change only the IP and not the subnet ( and gateway (

I see the help as

i <#> <ip> <subnet> <gateway> set IPV4 addr., subnet and gateway.

I tried

SAC >i # xx.255.255.1

I get the error

Error, missing or invalid network interface number.

Where do I get network interface number?

Update: Microsoft TechNet defines i in Special Administration Console(SAC) as,

If no parameters are passed, this command lists Internet Protocol (IP) information. You can configure IP parameters to display or set the IP address, subnet mask, and gateway of a given network interface device by providing the network number, IP address, and subnet information. To do so, use the following format: <network#><IPaddress><subnet>

I need a way to get this command working. I also don't know what should network# contain and where to get that. And doesn't <> implies that the field is optional?

I am really out of sorts here.

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You can use cmd to create a command prompt session, ch to connect to it and then netsh to configure the network.

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there is a problem with that. i am not able to login with my credentials at all. – naveen Dec 3 '11 at 16:46
Not even local Administrator credentials? – Massimo Dec 3 '11 at 17:23
asi understand, the problem is that the server ip set and the ip given by hosting porvider are not same and so I need to use i for setting the ip using SAC. I have updated what microsoft has to say. what i really need is way to find out the correct parameters to execute i. hope i am clear. – naveen Dec 3 '11 at 17:31
I don't know what parameter to use in SAC to set the IP address, but starting CMD and using NETSH should do the trick. Of course, if you are unable to login at all, this isn't going to help. Doesn't the "i" command show the interface number, along with its IP settings? – Massimo Dec 3 '11 at 17:37
hey, i got that. there was "11," at the start of the output of i command. i gave it after i and got my prob solved. whats # anyway. i mean, what does i 11 ip mask gateway mean? specifically whats 11? thanks a lot for your time. – naveen Dec 3 '11 at 18:36

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