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ntop is a great tool for recording network throughput statistics for FreeBSD based firewalls. The statistics can be displayed as graphs using a web browser. Ntop, however, has the limitation that it does not allow you to filter the throughput per host; you can only filter per interface or per some hardcoded protocol and port numbers.

Is there a similar tool which is more flexible? In particular, I am looking for the possibility to filter by host.

I already have examined and excluded the following tools: Cacti, IPAudit, IPTraf, MRTG, Zabbix. Reason for exclusion: missing functionality or no longer maintained.

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If you don't mind using a web broswer darkstat might meet your needs. It's ridiculously easy to setup and use. I just added the following one-liner to my rc.local.

/usr/local/sbin/darkstat --syslog --no-macs -i sis0 -b -p 80 -f "not arp"

darkstat host table

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