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I am running the mysql with a max_allowed_packet of 32 M (33554432). As I want to dynamically allocate 126M I have gone for the below option

set GLOBAL max_allowed_packet=132120576;

But the show variables like '%max_allowed_packet%'; still Shows 32M only with the already logged mysql sessions but the new sessions are reflected with the new value.

max_allowed_packet                      | 33554432 

Issue Details : While restoring the dump file, I can see the source operation is hanging hence I gone for the above option but still it is in the same state. Can I dynamically do any changes and solve the issue ?

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You can set max_allowed_packet from the client, it is not enforced at the server in that regard, the server variable is really meant for replication. The max is 1GB.

mysql --max_allowed_packet=512M -p < my_big_dump.sql
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