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I'm able to access idracs interfaces via X11 tunneling on a server. I want to be able to access it from the same network. How can I do that ? Is it doable with Apache ? I need a rebound proxy to do it, I want to use the server I can access to idracs interfaces like a proxy. I tried with proxypass and proxypassreverse but that doesn't work. There's no domain name, just private IPs like 10.X.X.X

iDRACS Web Interfaces 10.2.X.X <--- 10.1.X.X the only Server where IDRACS Web Interfaces are accessible with a Tunnel X11 <--- All the 10.1.X.X servers and 192.168.2.X clients via VPN

I want this schema :

iDRACS Web Interfaces 10.2.X.X <--- All the 10.1.X.X servers and 192.168.2.X clients via VPN I want juste entering 10.2.x.x in a web navigator from 192.168.2.X and being able to see the iDRACS Interfaces

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Can you give some more information? What is the URL of the service you want to access? What is the desired URL? Is it in the same network? –  Alexander Janssen Dec 2 '11 at 21:27
I think you need to tell us a lot more about your network config. A diagram would help a lot. When you've done that flag to re-open and I have this migrated to a more suitable site. –  Kev Dec 3 '11 at 15:43

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