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I have VirtualBox (Windows XP host) running a CentOS 6.0 virtual machine, with one shared folder.

Here is the list of mounted devices:

[root@localhost ~]# mount -l
www on /media/sf_www type vboxsf (gid=501,rw)

Looks like it's read/write.

Now if I try to write on this shared folder:

[root@localhost ~]# touch /media/sf_www/test
touch: cannot touch `/media/sf_www/test': Read-only file system

Any idea about what I'm doing wrong?

Edit: just tried to manually mount it elsewhere, same problem:

[root@localhost ~]# mount.vboxsf -w www /mnt/www
[root@localhost ~]# mount -l
www on /media/sf_www type vboxsf (gid=501,rw)
www on /mnt/www type vboxsf (rw)
[root@localhost ~]# touch /mnt/www/test
touch: cannot touch `/mnt/www/test': Read-only file system

Note: the www folder is writeable on my host machine.

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Ok, I found the solution. Actually, I changed my shared folder from readonly to "read/write" while the machine was running, then rebooted the machine.

The solution was simply to properly shut down the machine, then start it again.

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Thanks for this! Was starting to run out of hairs to pull out of my head - you saved me from having to purchase a wig :) – kander Sep 5 '12 at 13:29
Glad I could save your hair :-) – Benjamin Sep 5 '12 at 13:41
Doing a full shutdown rather than just a reboot does the trick there... thanks! – Patrick F Aug 9 '15 at 23:38

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