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It seems that the only way I could get RHEL 6 to register is adding the following to the kickstart's %post stanza:

rhnreg_ks --serverUrl= --sslCACert=/usr/share/rhn/RHNS-CA-CERT --activationkey=<activation key>

However, this uses up a "Management" entitlement. How can I accomplish this without using up our valuable "Management" entitlement?

Side note: Anyone know of canonical documentation with regards to what these entitlements actually entitle you for?)

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What are the differences between Update, Management, Provisioning, and Monitoring Entitlements in RHN?

Looks like you can specific an activation key only for update subscriptions

How do I create an RHN activation key for automated RHN registration of my Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems?

(See the Resolution Step #5 - "Set Add-On Entitlements to "Provisioning" or "Management" depending on the needs of this system")

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