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I am trying to generate WebSphere configuration using Headless ISA VCE, however after launching command I get the Build Failed message referring to non-existing build.xml file


java -jar startup.jar wasexporter/wasexport.xml -Dwas.root=/usr/WebSphere/AppSrv 


Buildfile: /usr/WebSphere/AppSrv/vce/build.xml

BUILD FAILED Buildfile: /usr/WebSphere/AppSrv/vce/build.xml does not exist

Total time: 0 seconds

Could you please advise ?

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I will answer on my own.

There are few xml files distributed together with Headless VCE. I reused one of them called


so the command looked like following:

java -jar startup.jar -buildfile automation-example.xml \

all required data was collected and stored in ./wasconfigs/example.configuration file called example.configuration

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