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This is going to be a simple answer, I'm sure, but at the moment I am not sure what I need to do to get the answer.

I have been asked to provide some data on the total unique amount of downloads a particular PDF file on our webserver is getting.

I have IIS logging switched on so I presume the information about the file being downloaded will be in here, but I am not sure how I go about getting data from these files.

Anyone have any good suggestions on how I can go about getting this info ??

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Go get the Log Parser utility from Microsoft.

Then use something like

LOGPARSER "SELECT cs-uri-stem, count(*) from c:\weblogs\w3svc1\*.log where cs-uri-stem LIKE '%/yourfile.pdf'"

For a real simple set of output, like:

/yourfolder/yourfile.pdf     6

Also, you'll need to work out what unique means, and then adjust the totals for that. For example, a 304 probably reflects a non-unique download, so you'd potentially:

LOGPARSER -i:w3c "SELECT DISTINCT cs-uri-stem, sc-status, count(*) from c:\weblogs\w3svc1\*.log where cs-uri-stem LIKE '%/yourfile.pdf' GROUP BY cs-uri-stem, sc-status"

Edit: Web logs are (usually) just text files, one line per entry. So you don't even need to use LogParser just to get a count:

FIND "yourfile.pdf" ex_111207.log > justPDF.txt

Then open JustPDF in Excel, or get a line count in any other way.

Plus, lots of examples around. Here, here and here.

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