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Is there a command for editing (or at least viewing) text file content (that is on flash card) ?

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Which text file? – dbasnett Dec 6 '11 at 20:55
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With Cisco IOS, you've got the more command, like on Linux, which you can use to print the content of a file.

The more command shows a text file. This command works just like it does in Linux—it allows youto view a file on a disk. In the case of the Cisco IOS, you can use this command to view a text file, such as your configuration file or a saved backup configuration file. Here's an example:

Router# more nvram:startup-config

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It is also possible to create a file with TCL scripting:

Router(tcl)#puts [open "flash:test" w+] {
+>This is a test.
+>Line 2.
+>Third line.


Router#more flash:test
This is a test.
Line 2.
Third line.

I'm not a TCL expert, but I think editing is also possible by using the a+ (append) open flag instead of w+, and append instead of puts.

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pretty cool trick, thanks! – Mat Banik Jan 1 '12 at 19:08

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