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I'm using tb_userspace provided by tb-tun to use's tunnelbroker service in an openvz vps, but all references and how-tos are telling me to do something like:

setsid /path/to/tb_userspace ipv6 SERVER.ADDRESS

I do have this running correctly if I run it in a shell myself, and then bring the interface up and set correct route using ifconfig:

ifconfig ipv6 up
ifconfig ipv6 inet6 add CLIENT.IP/64
ifconfig ipv6 mtu 1480
route -A inet6 add ::/0 dev ipv6

But when I put all of this into /etc/rc.local, strange thing happen: All commands after tb_userspace are ignored and not executed, but the tb_userspace does run correctly. So I have to run the other four commands manually every time after a reboot.

Any suggestion on this? Many thanks.

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Here's a diagnostic that I often find useful with rc scripts. Change this:





set -x
exec > /tmp/rc-stuff.out 2>&1

...Then after a boot, inspect /tmp/rc-stuff.out to see what's happening during the boot.

...Also, make sure your rc script isn't running forever using the ps command, like "ps axf".

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Argh, thanks! I tried it and it stops at the tb_userspace line, and using ps axf shows the script is running forever... but I do not get this result if I run the setsid line in shell myself, what could be problem? – Felix Yan Dec 7 '11 at 6:08

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