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Yesterday I bought a new domain:

Also I've deployed my play! application to and on my slot I have the ip:

Well, I have added this IP as nameserver to my domain but seems that it is not working:

What is strange for me is that if I query in linux for my nameservers they have a different ips:

play@s552:~/storage/mysql/mysql$ cat /etc/resolv.conf

So which of these should I add to the domain registration ns? Because now I've added:


UPDATE: Thanks to all for the answers. In the end, I've used a free dns management tool, added their ns to my domain, and added two A records to point to my ip.

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I think you may be confusing nameserver with DNS record.

In simple terms

  • each domain has a nameserver record which points to a DNS server that hosts the details about how to map the domain to IP addresses and can be queried by DNS clients
  • the nameserver itself contains a set of mappings e.g. => or =>

It sounds like you have set up the nameserver to be your webserver address rather than set it to a DNS serevr that then points your domain name to your webserver.

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This basically means that should point to "" in my case? – user22817 Dec 7 '11 at 11:51

You need to go to your Domain management control panel provided by Domain registrar and follow the following steps

  1. Select "Manage DNS" or some Alternate option
  2. Create an " A " record of "" to

The name-servers and are used to resolve every query generated from your box, it is not connected to occurring problem.



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A good tool for DNS issues is IntoDNS (I also use DNS stuff but it is not free).

Appears there is a mismatch between your nameservers at the registrar and those on your server. These need to be the same.

These are listed on your server but not at the registrar. [''] [TTL=86400] [''] [TTL=86400]

This could cause some issues with DNS.

Otherwise, looks like you may have fixed your domain.

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