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I have two nodes connected to a SAN, and I want to be able to mount an ext3 partition on node B when node A goes down.

I know I could use a shared filesystem, but for simplicity and performance I would like to find a way not to, considering I don't actually need to have my filesystem simultaneously mounted on both nodes.

I can think of a dummy script on node B that would try to mount filesystem, only if it detects it is not already mounted by A. But how can B know that?

Is there a way to make lvchange automatically activate and deactivate a logical volume?

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I think you need a cluster software, you can manage the ext3 filesystem as a resource in high availability. There are many software cluster with different prices and supports, for instances: Cluster Suite, Linux-HA,Serviceguard.

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Thanks, Pacemaker using Filesystem ocf resource answer my need. – john.doe Dec 8 '11 at 14:46

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