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I have a Linux machine (RedHat version release 5.6) installed in IBM BLADE Hardware

I am trying to find a solution to identify the management Module name --> (MM Name) from the OS (Linux)

Remark - MM name appears in the General Settings screen

 Example how to find the MM Name from the IBM Blade:

 From the IBM BladeCenter - first main screen (MM - Management Module)

 1.       Open MM Control link by click on the (+)

 2.       Click on General Settings

 3.       Then we get screen with MM information and there we can see the MM Name

My question:

how to discover the MM name ( as already configured in General Settings screen ) from my Linux?

Or by which tool/command/SW we can identify the MM Name from Linux OS?

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You need to install IBM Advanced Settings Utility (ASU) on Linux, with this utility you can get the config of MM and also you can set that too.

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Try to install the IBM BladeCenter SNMP sensor. With this element of software you should be able to access the information provided by IBM related to the BladeCenter environment.

According to the cited page:

The sensor uses SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) to discover and query BladeCenter infrastructure components. The Management Module (MM) and the Advanced Management Module (AMM) are the central points of management for the IBM BladeCenter chassis.

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