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I've only used Windows Server Web edition in the context of a domain, but now I have a situation where a computer needs to run Windows Web Server, but that server is not part of a domain. I'm just curious and I can't find anything with a quick googling that confirms or denies for me whether Windows Server Web edition will work outside of a domain (in a workgroup), and I need to know for sure before placing the order. Can anyone speak from experience here?

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Please be more specific with your question. What exactly are worried about not functioning in a workgroup? – Paul Ackerman Dec 8 '11 at 15:23
Well, I just meant the server in general. In other words, does a windows web server 2008 machine have to be part of a domain? I'm assuming from your comment that it probably doesn't but want to be sure. – Jorin Dec 9 '11 at 15:55
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There is no reason that Windows Server Web edition should need a domain to work. The web edition is just a version of Windows Server that has been stripped down to just what you need to run a web server (IIS, ASP.NET, etc.). Setting up a web server on the Web edition should be identical to installing IIS on any other edition of Windows Server. I can say from experience that you do not need a domain to install IIS and nothing else.

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