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I have a user who uses VMware on a Mac to run a Win7 environment that is a member of a domain.

The computer was his own and he installed Windows and doesn't remember the local Admin password and his domain account is the one throwing the "bad trust certificate with domain controller".

I normally would log in and remove it from the domain and add it to a workgroup and re-join it to the domain but since I can't log in to either account I'm stumped.

What are my options? Can I boot into a password cracking utility on VMware Worksation? What else can I do?

If I boot into safe mode can I get a cmd line? And drop the domain and readd it? Any help on commands?

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Booting a rescue CD in the VM should be trivial, just download the iso, point the VM at it. As for a password reset. See: superuser.com/search?q=windows+password+reset and serverfault.com/search?q=windows+password+reset –  Zoredache Dec 9 '11 at 0:40

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Before you try this, take a snap shot of your VM.


you'll need a windows 7 cd to boot of of. Here is an MS artical to get to a recovery console.


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