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i have a web app on the server that sends emails with aspemail from persists

today it stopped and i get error Winsock error 11004 (0x2AFC) occurred.

if i try to ping the host server it won't work, if i try to ping it's ip it works so if i change the host server for the mail send to gmail's ip - it works...

i have tried the reset of the winsock, didn't work

what can be done to fix this?

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You might have to redirect the DNS request via WinSock proxy. See also:

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but it worked until 2 days ago – Y.G.J Dec 9 '11 at 14:46
Try to find out why DNS resolving is not working trough WinSock. – Mircea Vutcovici Dec 9 '11 at 14:52
Do you use a WinSock proxy? if not, then try to see if you DNS server is reachable from your server. Use: nslookup, then try nslookup If the second one is returning the IP of the SMTP server from Google, then you need to update the DNS server configuration for your windows server – Mircea Vutcovici Dec 9 '11 at 14:54
never mind... my stupid friend add a local security policy. add assign to block ip and it blocked all ips – Y.G.J Dec 9 '11 at 15:21

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