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I wonder how can I install this in a lenny machine. Well, this site has instructions on how to do this, but in step 3 I can't do cd /usr/local/meteor because this folder doesn't exist! How I can connect meteor server with apache2 and php? **I don't know what version of Perl I have installed but when I type perl into the bash, doesn't output command doesn't exist.. Any help, would be useful.

I want to add meteor as a tag to my question but, the system doesn't allow me. An administrator can fix it ;)

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The installation instruction on the meteor site suggests using /usr/local/meteor as the installation directory, means you have to manually create it first (!).

mkdir /usr/local/meteor

After that you switch into it the newly created directory (cd /usr/local/meteor) AND AFTER that you continue the step by step instructions starting with wget ....

To "connect" apache2/php with meteor you have to run mod_proxy and reverse proxy meteor. Search for mod_proxy on how to do this. should provide you with the required information about mod_proxy.

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