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I configured my system to be able to deploy Django stuff using Apache on my machine(Ubuntu 11.10).I followed the instructions given at .Everything went fine.I was able to run the url's i had created using Django on http://wsgi.helloserver and also on "http://hello.djangoserver" . Now i wish that i be able to run the same from another machine(Windows Vista) over LAN.I configured the IP's as after running ifconfig Ubuntu and Windows Using my Windows machine i am able to ping Ubuntu and vice versa.Also i am able to access Ubuntu's localhost using Windows.i.e trying.php lying in apache's home can be executed from Windows by hitting "" However now how do i get "http://hello.djangoserver" to work from my Windows machine. Had to submit URL's because i wasn't allowed to post more than 2 urls

Edit: In my i was looking for "^hello/$" which would invoke view corresponding to that,in my case hello.So on my local machine "http://hello.djangoserver/hello" works fine. Now here's what i want to do.On my other machine(Windows) which i connect via LAN cable i want to be able to run "http://hello.djangoserver/hello" or which currently don't work.So will Shane's answer work?And if so how? Thanks

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The alteration of the /etc/hosts file in that document is what allowed that fake hostname to function correctly. For that to work from the Windows system, you'd need to modify its hosts file, too; it's located at C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts.

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Worked great!Thanks!If some one bounces on this thread it may be useful for them to know that to edit C:\...\etc\hosts admin priveleges are required.So opening notepad with admin priveleges and then editing this file did the trick – Nipun Batra Dec 13 '11 at 13:06

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