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I'm looking for a KVM that can support machines with PS/2 ports and machines with USB ports in the same switch.

I have a Dell 1800 (PS/2) and a Dell 1900 (USB with adapter) and the 1900's KB and mouse will not work with the new KVM I got, though it does work with an adapter (PS/2 mouse & KB in, USB out) connected directly to the server. I have checked with the manufacturer that they will not support my configuration.

What KVMs support both PS/2 and USB?

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We use Linkskey KVMs in our server room. They seem to work well and don't cost an arm and a leg. Here's the 8-port version of what we have: LINKSKEY LKV-9308

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Check out the combo models of KVM from IOGEAR. They all support both USB and PS/2, depending on the cable type used. Different sizes from 2 to 16 ports. I've had good experiences using their products and haven't run in to any compatibility issues yet.

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IOGear swears up and down that mixed ports are not supported by any of their products. Facepalm moment is that we have one of IOGear's rack-mounted 8 port PS/2 units and it works with a USB dongle. I must have been stupid for thinking that this would work with a new switch. – dmoisan Jul 1 '09 at 15:45

I don't have a recommendation, but a suggestion that you try a different USB adapter. Our older Raritan Paragon KVM didn't seem to work with several USB adapters, but works perfectly with some.

Here is a USB adapter that seems to work with all PS2 KVMs that I have worked with.

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We use the 8 port version of the Belkin OmniView PRO3.

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