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I've block a domain abc.com in sendmail access table. i.e:

abc.com    REJECT

Now i want to allow above domain for xyz.com. I've tried this as below,

xyz.com    RELAY
abc.com    REJECT

But it did not work. Is there any other way to allow a rejected domain for a single domain. In other words block abc.com for all but allow for xyz.com

It works with xyz.com RELAY.

As per below rule in sendmail access file, when a user from: any@xyz.com to any@abc.com send email, It is being blocking by sendmail.

xyz.com    RELAY
abc.com    REJECT

But I want to allow xyz.com to send email to abc.com whatever it is blocked in access file for other domains/users. So that is why I first RELAY xyz.com and then reject abc.com. Its not working. is there any possibility to do as i want.

Is there not any way to do this?

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Any help in this regard? –  User4283 Dec 14 '11 at 15:04

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What you need is documented here: http://www.sendmail.org/tips/relaying


Add "xyz.com RELAY" to /etc/mail/access

echo "xyz.com RELAY" >> /etc/mail/access

Then run;

makemap hash /etc/mail/access.db < /etc/mail/access
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+1 for the makemap. It is not enough to edit the file. You have to run makemap next for the changes to take effect –  adamo Dec 14 '11 at 6:48

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