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An ISP doesn't offer secure/encrypted POP3/SMTP connections to its email servers. (I could forward the mail to another mail service that does, but I'd like to try a proxy)

Is there some simple software that could be run on a linux box to allow secure SSL POP3/SMTP connections to it, and transparently proxy/connect to the ISP email servers?

This is to allow wireless mobile devices more secure access their email without needing the full vpn.

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I believe Perdition should do the trick, though it may not qualify as “simple”.

This blog post shows how to set up the SSL.

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You can certainly setup stunnel to proxy POP/SMTP. The connection will be encrypted between the client and the host running stunnel, but it will still be un-encrypted between the stunnel host and the ISP. It certainly cannot be setup transparently though. Your clients must be configured to use SSL.

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